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What is a marriage celebrant?

A Civil Marriage Celebrant is someone who has been appointed by the Australian Commonwealth Attorney General to solemnize marriages at any location in Australia pursuant to sub section 39 (2) of the Marriage Act 1961.

What are the legal requirements for marriages in Australia?

I live overseas. Can I get married in Australia during my holiday?

Yes, you can, providing all the legal requirements are met. The details can be arranged via email, telephone, fax and your plans finalised when you arrive in the country.

Do you present certificates?

I present personalised certificates at all naming, commitment and re-affirmation of vows ceremonies. These can be signed by family and friends who are present at this special occasion. For marriages, apart from your official Marriage Certificate, I can apply for the registered version of your Marriage Certificate from the Births, Deaths & Marriages office.

Is it ok for me to use a certified copy of my Birth Certificate as Proof of Birth ID?

No, unfortunately, you must produce either your Original Birth Certificate or an Original extract of your Birth Certificate. A Passport is perfectly acceptable as well and carries your photo ID.

Does my second name have to be said? I hate it.

Yes, just once during the ceremony I must use your full name.

My Father and I haven’t seen or spoken to each other for years, do I have to have his name appear on my Marriage Certificate.

Yes, you must.

What is the current time frame for receiving our Standard Marriage Certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages if ordered by the Celebrant when she registers our Marriage?

Usually 2-4 days.

What is the usual duration of a Marriage Ceremony?

Ceremonies are usually half an hour. However, the choice of length is entirely up to the couple. Some cultures only require a very basic ceremony for the Registration, as they have their own cultural celebration, and this could be as short as 7 minutes.

I have special expertise in celebrating overseas weddings and have helped many couples with the regulations and legal requirements.

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